Project Description

A short story about how great this product is for beverage stores or online wine companies.

Larry ordered a few bottles of wine online. Each bottle came with this very cool wine tag and drink charm sheet. He wrote the details of the wine on the Wine Tag and hung one on each bottle in his wine storage.

That evening he had friends over for dinner. He invited them to choose a bottle of wine from his selection. His guests could easily read the details of the wine on the Wine Tag. Each bottle had the name, year, origin and perhaps a little note from Larry with his thoughts about the wine. In a short time, a bottle was chosen that would compliment the meal.

Larry placed a Drink Charm on each glass and poured the wine. Each Drink Charm was a different color so each guest could identify their glass and each had the details of the wine noted on the back.

At the end of the evening, Larry’s guests left with the Drink Charms and all the information they would need to place their orders. Each guest would be visiting the .com with the information noted on the back of the Drink Charm to place their orders.

As Larry threw away the empty bottle, he saved the Wine Tag and noted his high rating and comments on the back. Now keeping track of his favorite wines is easy!

Never before has a product been so perfect for the wine or event industry.