Injection Molded Clipboards

We have designed three awesome clipboards for you to choose from. A letter size, legal size, and a very unique custom pull-out clipboard.

The Letter and Legal Size Clipboards
Have a very unique shape to the board as well as an incredibly large clip which features a four color process epoxy PremiumDOME™. You can also decorate the front or back of the board with a 1 or 2 color imprint. The decoration is done in the USA. The letter and legal size have a minimum order of 50 pieces.

The Custom Pull Out Clipboard:
Is an incredible custom clipboard that is perfect for sharing a lot of information and branding. This custom Pull Out Clipboard is molded to order. This means you can order this clipboard in any molded color, decorate the front, back, clip and pull outs with a full color imprint. The minimum order for this custom Pull Out Clipboard is 5K pieces.

Custom Clipboard Legal

Clipboard (Legal Size)

Custom Clipboard Letter

Clipboard (Letter Size)

Custom Pull Out Clipboard

Clipboard (Pull Out)