Food and Beverage

Custom Spinning Chip Clips

We created an awesome line of spinning products called Spinnerville™. This innovative, fun and interactive product line keeps on growing. This chip clip is an awesome solution that will catch everyones eyes. Imagine game day in front of the TV and the entire gang is over. The chips come out and this awesome interactive chip clip is there to remind them what they should be drinking.

This is a good representation of how custom we can make this product. No mater what your sport is we can design a chip clip for you.

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Coke Machine Promotion

An awesome solution for Coke’s new soda delivery system was an interactive “build it yourself” bank / desk caddy. Easily fits into an envelope or perfect for a rep to leave behind. When working with the client we designed the piece based off of the quantity needed and their budget. Once we had that information it was easy to determine the size of the sheet and the parts. Within a week the client had a working prototype.

At Premium Shapes we can create any item into a flat direct mail piece. It can be extremely complex or as simple as a cube.

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